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    Experience MB & F traditional machine 1

    Our new contributor Ian Ellery shares his hands-on experience with Max Busser's latest work MB & F Legacy Machine 1.MB&F LEGACY MACHINES LM1 replica

    MB & F Legacy Machine 1 was launched with many columns. Considering that each of the studio's creations is extraordinary, this is natural. Of course, the real question is what does it look like?

    Although I couldn't get a long-term loan, the rose gold version took me a few minutes. Look at it later. The most surprising thing about this watch is its weight, or its light weight. Despite the use of precious metals, the LM1 is also very light to wear.

    Because this is an MB & F watch, the surface of the watch is certainly unusual. Any number of watches with two dials can be used, as this is a GMT watch, and each watch can be independently adjusted to a different time zone. The hands look the same as those used on the HM4 Thunderbolt, but have been "dyed to blue" here, in sharp contrast to the white lacquered dial.

    The high-dome sapphire crystal is a marvel of engineering. On a smaller scale, high quality replica watches,HM3 Frog uses this format. To create this, however, many technical challenges need to be addressed. Unless the inside and outside curves are exactly the same, any curved glass will act as a lens, and here only the weakest hint, with a clear logo, is an extraordinary feat.

    The high dome profile is probably the most controversial aspect of the design, and it's clearly sturdy, and there is nothing worse than buying a new watch and scratching it in the first week.

    Excellent readability, clear dial and wide viewing angle thanks to the huge crystal. The meaning of "vertical power reserve" is not clear. In fact, it is on the curve rising from the bottom plate. The contrast of the blue indicator is not enough, but it is very complicated.

    Although perhaps not as weird as some MB & F creations, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful and wearable watch. Construction and completion are everything we expect from the brand, while being able to meet more affordable price requirements.HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO 441.CI.1170.RX replica

    Before SIHH 2016 – MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 is now platinum with blue dial

    MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 is the version we are about to introduce to you. It is the "affordable" and "reasonable" proposition of MaxBüsserand Friends, available in the first typical MB & F versions, red gold and white gold. Then, a year later, this creative brand brought something unexpected, but on the other hand it was very cool. Its antique look perfectly matched the concept of traditional machines: the LM101 Frost version. This family is about to grow again as it participates in SIHH for the first time, and the Indy brand is equipped with MB & F Legacy Machine LM101, now in platinum and blue dial.

    When MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 was launched in 2014, with these two first editions, it was the most affordable and reasonable watch the brand really created (at the time, they had not yet launched the 10th anniversary watch HMX). The fact is that this watch meets the needs of a higher price level, mainly a more convenient watch on the wrist. The previous old machines LM1 and LM2 (now rejoined by LM Perpetual) are quite large watches with a 44mm case-also complex watches, one with two separate time zones and the other with a double balance The third one has a very special perpetual calendar. The MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 is smaller and measures only 40mm ... but still makes these watches feel different, the floating balance wheel still exists, and the display effect is similar. As far as the watchmaking industry is concerned, the "affordable" offers are not so discounted.U-BOAT Classico replica watches

    The new MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 is based on the classic version (not the Frost version). MB & F uses the same recipe here as LM1 and LM2: first launched in rose and white gold with a silver or dark gray dial, then a platinum limited edition, always connected to this rather cool bright blue dial (this is used LM1 and LM2). And because the formula looks delicious, why not treat the baby Legacy Machine LM101 the same way, in fact it now comes with a 950 platinum case and an equally bright blue dial.

    Except for this new material and dial combination, MB & F Legacy Machine LM101 has not changed: no less than Kari Voutilainen (consulting by K. Finishing). The dial still features a large floating balance wheel and a visible escapement, as well as two small white-painted dials-one for time and one for power reserve.

    MB & F launches final version of traditional machine No. 1

    The final version of Legacy Machine N ° 1 brings the LM1 series to an end and achieves unexpected results in the iconic MB & F style.

    It has been 6 years since MB & F launched the Legacy Machine N ° 1 (LM1) series in 2011, and together with the envelope-type thrust clock machine, a series of Legacy Machines have been traditionally affected. Six years is a brief moment in the history of watchmaking, but it constitutes a whole generation of modern independent watches.best replica watches review

    When choosing a material to house the last celebration of the Legacy Machine N ° 1, MB & F chose steel instead of precious metals like gold or platinum. Recently, the rise of steel as a valuable case material for high-end watchmaking has brought a double benefit to the LM1 Final Edition-echoing the strength and long-lasting appeal of the series, and shifting the value focus away from external elements, thus The case is better accentuated. The beauty of the LM1 engine.

    The dark chocolate tone of the final version of LM1 is not the first instance of this color in MB & F creations. No matter when and where in the MB & F series, dark brown tones mark special occasions, which is a reason to break the tradition, and Legacy Machine N ° 1 Final Edition is no exception. For some, the release of the last LM1 may be a bittersweet celebration-MB & F founder Maximilian Büsser states that its dark chocolate content is 85%.Richard Mille RM 11-04 replica watch