Do you love Terminator?

    Gerace Ezekiel
    Von Gerace Ezekiel

    The film tells that Sarah defeated the liquid metal robot from the future and saved herself and her son John. Now, Sarah and John are in a state of isolation and danger. They are not only wanted by the government, but the enemy is still coming to the door. Both from the future and from the reality. Enemies lurk around their mother and child and can launch deadly attacks at any time.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles tells the story of Sarah Connor  who decided to stop fleeing and fight back against these high-tech enemies who ruined her life. Her son, 15-year-old John Connor knows that he may be the savior of the future mankind, but still reluctant to provoke this heavy responsibility and is unwilling to face fate. At the same time, John found himself deeply in love with the school girl Cameron , a mysterious and inscrutable girl. Later, John discovered that this girl is not only his intimate girlfriend, but also his and Sarah's protector - her mission is to protect the safety of Sarah's mother and child at all costs.

    It’s not just the robots of the future that threaten Sarah’s mother and son, but also a witty and tough FBI agent, James Ellison. But when he understood the truth of the matter, he decided to help Sarah and his mother. 
    It is commendable that the screenwriter of this TV series found a very clever way to recap the plot before the "Terminator 3" movie (Sarah has died of leukemia in the movie), no matter how the ending ends, it will not The Terminator movie creates any conflicts. From the first episode, the coherence of the story is very good, although some relatively flat descriptions have been cut into the topic, but the overall feeling is very strong, there are some unexpected freshness. It is foreseeable that the future plot of the play will be carried out in a continuous and intense form.

    The devil's image of the devil's terminator, amazing creativity, compact plot, deadly suffocation, fear of technological development, and unique style, T1 is destined to become one of the most memorable movies of the era.
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