Suicide Squad Cosplay Costumes Guide?

    Von Christian

               Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics supervillain team of the same name, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the third installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).The drama is about the US government has discovered various hidden dangers in national security issues. Amanda Waller is the leader of a secret government agency called ARGUS. She decided to call the superhuman devils in custody and exchange their freedom for help. Protect the security of the United States. Amanda Waller first found an archaeologist named Joan Yann, whose body was occupied by an ancient soul called the enchanted witch.
    Later, the sorcerer escaped the control of Amanda Waller, attempting to release her evil brother and build a weapon that would turn ordinary people into a super-powerful army and use it to rule the earth.
    In order to stop her, Amanda Waller formed the X contingent, including an assassin death shooter, Halle Quinn, who was insane by the clown, and a thief who held the boomerang, who could control Fire's former gang members of the Los Angeles revenge demon, the crawling creature killer who lives in the sewer, and Amanda Waller invited Colonel Rick Flegger, the soldier of the squad order, and his bodyguard samurai. Gotham’s “religious policeman” Batman and the clown who wanted to save Halle Quinn made the move more complicated.
    The show received a lot of audiences when it was broadcast, Joker and Harley Quinn became the most popular characters.
        The Joker is an infamously extreme and formidable psychopathic crime lord from Gotham City, being at the very top of the city's criminal underworld, greatly feared by other crime bosses. Devoid of empathy or pity for anybody taking part in his wicked schemes either by intimidation or fraud, the Joker does, however, adore his girlfriend and partner in crime Harley Quinn, doing his utmost to rescue her from the Suicide Squad and clutches of Amanda Waller, with eventual success.
    The Joker is also the long-time arch nemesis of Batman, and the murderer of the latter's protege Robin along with Harley Quinn.
    And the fatal attraction of the clown comes from his exaggerated appearance, which makes him the first choice for many cosplayers.His red suit is a mix of yellow vest and green shirt, which seems to be uncoordinated, but it seems so coordinated due to his exaggerated makeup.The suit is a very textured fabric. It doesn't give you any discomfort whether it looks or wears. It's not so much a cosplay costume, it's a special everyday wear, if you like, It is also very suitable to wear it in daily life. The green shirt has a fine pattern design, which will appear less monotonous and more styling.
    You can also choose another set of costumes for the joker. It is a long trench coat with a purple leather. It is very powerful and fits well with his sullen appearance. It is also easier to match.
    If you want to talk about the joker's crazy fascination, then Harley Quinn is the only one.Harley Quinn is also an attraction existence.I have to say that her makeup has always been a point in her style, but Harley Quinn cosplay costume also has a very high popularity.
    Here are some people’s comments on her clothes:
    "It’s really amazing when I put it on,with my elaborate makeup and wig, I can't believe the person in the mirror is me. She looks cold and mysterious, sexy and charming.Her clothes and trousers are of good quality, very attractive, and the size is also very suitable. In short, it is very beautiful, I want to wear it all the time!”
    “It's really cool! I am going to tears! Very satisfied, ah ah ah ah!”
    "Too shiny! Too sexy! Harry Mayine is my goddess! ! The reduction cosplay costumes for men clothes is relatively high, movie costumes the details are handled well. If you like it, don't hesitate, buy it quickly.”