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  • EA is committed to adding some exciting content to FIFA Mobile to make the platform more attractive

EA is committed to adding some exciting content to FIFA Mobile to make the platform more attractive

    Von Jennymill

    EA has been focusing on adding exciting game content to the game, which will make the platform attractive to users. In addition, in the platform's quarterly report, the Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins only motivation for increasing the number of active users will be lock-in caused by the coronavirus.

    Solid popularity of gaming franchises just like the Sims 4 and Apex Legends is predicted to own benefited EA’s net bookings within the to-be-reported quarter. Notably, net bookings are expected to be $1 billion for the primary quarter as guided by the corporate.

    Additionally, launch of 25 games on Steam including the Battlefield franchise, The Sims 4 ninth expansion pack Eco Lifestyle and also the availability of Command & Conquer Remastered Collection on PC via Origin and Steam is predicted to possess contributed to active user engagement within the to-be-reported quarter.

    Strong popularity of two well-recognized EA Sports franchises, FIFA and Madden NFL, is predicted to own contributed to top-line growth within the soon-to-be-reported quarter. Moreover, the launch of assorted tournaments as a part of EA's Stay Home, Play Together initiative are expected to own led to a rise in fan base and viewership globally amid coronavirus-induced lockdown.

    Notably, three new online tournaments with a prize pool of $100K each under Apex Legends Global Series, EA SPORTS Madden NFL 20 live tournament survived Twitch where NFL fans watched their favorite athletes go head-to-head within the NFL Checkdown x Madden Tournament and EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Stay and Play Cup were held to assist keep the gaming community safe and connected.

    Further, EA's strength in Live Services from mobile games like Madden Mobile, FIFA Mobile and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is anticipated to possess positively impacted the highest line.FIFA Mobile is a very easy-to-play mobile game. It is a gospel for football fans. You can see the most famous football stars in the world in this game. Are you very excited? The MMOAH store is selling FIFA Mobile Coins. If you want to play in the game, you need to prepare some FIFA Mobile Coins, and the MMOAH store can meet your requirements.

    Electronic Arts and La Liga announced a 10-year partnership, EA SPORTS will still maintain the status of La Liga's exclusive official video game partner. In mid-June, Electronic Arts and the FIFA Federation (FIFA) announced the growing and growing EA SPORTS FIFA 20 e-sports ecosystems. This mainly involves online matches and the restoration of the football league to replace the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 global series, and also includes the FIFA e-World Cup.