Rocket League has long gone from two launch platforms

“In the past five years, Rocket League has long gone from two launch platforms to four, and to be had vehicles jumped from 10 to over 70. Nearly a dozen new modes have made it into the sport, pushing the whole variety of video games performed to 5 billion! Rocket Pass is in its sixth new release. The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is coming near its tenth season. Not only that, but the game has seen 14 Competitive Seasons with Rewards, the addition of Rocket League Items Item and Esports Shops, cross-platform play, and so many extra additional functions,” stated the developer in a network blog submit saying the 5th anniversary.

We’re suckers for information here at PSLS and 5 years of numbers are nothing to sneeze at. A grand total of seventy five million players and over five billion matches is an notable amount of virtual car soccer and quite a number that almost feels too big to wrap one’s head around. Dig around on the infographic for a check out the history of the game, in particular as Psyonix presses onward into the future for another 5–or greater–years yet to come. Congratulations to Cheap Rocket League Items the team, players, and fans everywhere in the international.

Today marks the 5-12 months anniversary of Rocket League and the developers have released some quite incredible stats approximately the game. Believe it or no longer, there have been more than seventy five million people riding rocket-powered automobiles and shooting goals in the game's first five years.